About cheekyhandmades

I set up cheekyhandmades after I left my job 2010. I really wanted to use all my creative skills, skills I’d had  for many years but never had time to use any more, and skills I realised I could and wanted to pass on. I also wanted to work for myself, I wanted to be able to work around my children. And I am doing all of that now, and am loving it. I get to be surrounded by like minded people, great fabrics, my kids and cats, and listen to music all day. I get to decide what I do every day and how I do it. I get to teach people how to make things and how joyful craft is. Every day my job gets better, every day I meet and talk to enthusiastic people and I help them achieve their creative potential. I purpose built sewing studio built for me last year and now we have space to spread out in a peaceful setting in the garden. Cheekyhandmades may be bigger but the ethic of having fun whilst learning remains. Cheekyhandmades stands for believing that everyone is creative, everyone can sew, and everyone will walk away from their class with something they are proud of.

photography by Giraffe Books

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cheeky handmades