What I have been quilting

So… the children have been back at school a few weeks and my time is filling up rapidly. Very rapidly. From thinking I had seas of time when Max was first at school to realising 6 hours is in fact not very much at all has not taken long at all! I have made (and […]

hello school term, goodbye art trail 2012!

Wow, what an amazing few weeks it has been! The E17 2012 art trail has just finished (yesterday was the last day) and athough the first weekend was largely dominated by the foul EDL marching through our lovely Walthamstow (we love our mixed community thank you very much, as we clearly showed you!), the last […]

E17 Art Trail 1- 16 September 2012

The 2012 E17 Art Trail, a wondrous two weeks of open studios, events, art, sales, workshops, parties, and putting Awesomestow on the map, is on this year between 1st – 16th September. This will by my third art trail, and this time I am hoping to rise to the occasion even more than in previous […]

Blog confusion pt 2

Yes I know I said I was only going to post via my website blog but you know, I miss this blog! I cannot seem to find a way to get people to subscribe properly on the other blog, so I have no real idea who is reading it, if anyone. I have a constant […]

My constant sewing companion

With all this rain the cats have not really left my side and it has been a real struggle to keep them (and their muddy paws!) off my sewing. But this is a rather nice thing to look at whilst I work (even though he is curled up on some lovely vintage lace…) – Posted […]

Blog confusion

As part of my website (www.cheekyhandmades.co.uk) I have a blog option set up under one of the tabs. For ages now I have been blogging on here and then also copying the blog posts to there. Now I sometimes blog there instead of here. It all has become muchly confusing! So I think it would […]

Zakka style sewalong

Having been totally engrossed in my studies and a mountain of work I have some catching up to do but yesterday I made the zippered pouch which is this week’s project of the Zakka Style sewalong. Check out the wonderful LR stitched blog for more details. There were some errors in the book but luckily […]

New purchases

I have had a very busy month and one the plus sides is having bought some great new supplies. And I just wanted to share some of these with you: Fancy Moon delights… Happy Zombie’s Happy Mochi Yum Yum fabric. I ordered LOADS of this and arrived really quickly from the USA. It is delicious! […]

Zakka Style Sewalong Week 5

I liked this week’s project, although it looked simple it was very clever (well, not the way I did it in the end but the pattern was clever!) I made it for one of my pairs of scissors in the end as I have too many pencil cases already. Last weeks sewalong projects: Been posting […]