Sewing cool clothes for boys

Sewing cool clothes for boys


I have three boys but only one still young enough to like me making clothes for him, he is six and called Max and has great style!

It’s been really hard in the past to find cool clothes for boys. Luckily I’m not the only person who likes sewing kids clothes and wants to include sons in this. In fact there’s great funky pattern designers who make amazing stuff for boys and there’s even the Celebrate the boycampaign!! There’s a sweet looking book called sewing for boys, I don’t have it so cannot comment on how well it works or even if the patterns are cute but check it out if you see it in a bookshop. There’s several sew-alongs from the book on it’s website Sewing for boys


One of the funky pattern companies is Blank Slate Patterns We’ve made their cool BBC vest (a waistcoat), various pairs of W trousers and now this week I finished the Berkshire Blazer. I had actually cut this out before Christmas but life sorta overtook things a bit. It didn’t in the end take long at all to sew although the combo of chunky top stitch thread and heavy weight cotton canvas fabric meant my machine would not make some of the stitches no matter what I tried πŸ™


Here’s some pics. I cannot get this boy to pose at all! Hope you appreciate the filthy patchwork that are our pavements here in East london!







And here’s a pic of Max in full fancy dress (note the army outfit, trilby hat and tie) on the Tube just so you know how stylish he is πŸ˜‰


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Blog move!

Blog move!

I have finally figured out how to blog-on-the-go on my website’s own blog so I am going to use that from now on to blog.

Make sure you pop along to say hi and follow me on there. I have some great blogging posts lined up!

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indigo quilt

indigo quilt



simon quilt6
I’ve been working on this quilt for a long time. Sadly as I was nearing completion I washed it and something ran really badly. Which was odd because all the fabric had been pre-washed. It near destroyed the quilt and eventually I decided to separate the quilt front and the back and take out the wadding so I could wash them in colour run remover separately. This was a mammoth job and hear breaking too, ripping through all the stitching, hand and machine, that had been added over the months. But I thought the beautiful hand printed linen backing, which was most badly affected, might not be saveable and I thought I would have no option but to start again with a new backing.

Luckily the colour run remover removed about 90% of the blue run. And I realised this was a perfect opportunity to remove what I was using as wadding as I actually did not like it at all (it was a bed spread and it was heavy but not warm and also too textured which felt odd in the quilt. So I turned it into a positive thing and I have ow made some different decisions about the quilting too. Instead of close straight lines stitched by hand and by machine in blocks, which looked a bit weird, I am going to hand quilt around the pieced edges, and I started today whilst feasting on series 2 of Breaking bad (I know, watching tv in the day, it felt very decadent!).




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Stitch and bitch Walthamstow

Stitch and bitch Walthamstow

After a bit of a lull we are restarting the local stitch and bitch knitting, hooking and whatever else you want to do with a needle meet ups. We will be meeting the fourth Wednesday of every month in the Bell pub on Forest Road from about 8. It’s totally informal and friendly, just having a drink (or not!) and chatting and hooking. Just stitching, no bitching!


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Patterns for 2014

Patterns for 2014

Bit late to the 2014 plans lists but I’ve had a late start to the year, my littlest boy has only just gone back to school and I’ve been teaching flat out since. I also have way too many sewing plans!

Here are just the paper patterns I bought last year that I want to make this year:








I also would love to make my 13 year old a new dressing gown and have just the pattern for it:


Then there the many many Craftsy classes I’ve enrolled on. I made a list the other day and there were 32! I would love to finish the Bombshell dress finally, make some perfect fitting jeans, knit some more yoke jumpers, finish Carol Doak’s paper piecing class and oh too many really!

I want to make the following quilts: Swedish Bloom from the Patchwork Please book


I also want to make a Medallion quilt as seen in the Liberty Love book:


And also the Tulip patch quilt, well actually every quilt in the most gorgeous quilt book of 2013, Quilty Fun. What a stunner!



I want to make more kids clothes, I’ve just bought a jeans pattern and also got this book for Christmas:


I already have a blazer for Max all cut out, I’ve just been waiting for my new overlocker. I’ve bought a Juki one and it’s fantastic! Different ball game from the Janome I owned before altogether. So now to find some time to make it.

I will talk about my knitting plans in another post.

If you fancy joining me in some sewing adventures I have put TONS of new classes on the schedule, from beginners classes to intermediate dressmaking, quilting and paper piecing and alterations and many many more. The whole schedule is on here

Hopefully see you soon! Happy 2014!

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