Create Place new ventures

Sew Cafe at the Create Place I will be running sewing drop ins (Sew Cafe) on the first Wednesday of every month between 6.30 – 9, starting on 4th May at The Create Place, 29 Old Ford Road, Betnal Green E2 9BJ  There will also be a special Easter Sew Cafe on Saturday 23rd […]

things I covet

Here are some gorgeous things I covet… Miso Funky I love Sewing  Cassia Beck Prints Felt Bird Brooch Cassia Beck Prints Dea Beale Please follow and like us:

Sewing classes this weekend

Laura’s cushion Beata, Laura and Yolanda hard at work cutting out their cushions Polly and Claire’s finished cushions Beata and Yolanda’s finished cushions this weekend I ran several sewing classes and a crochet class. Here are the gorgeous results. I am so proud of my ladies and their work! Please follow and like us:

New ventures

The craft classes are running and proving to be very successful – and enjoyable! From March I will be teaching quilting workshops at The Create Place in Bethnal green on Wednesday nights. They run lots of cool and cheap classes in a fantastic venue, check out their website I am very excited to be […]

Great craft books

As I have a very serious craft book buying habit I was incredibly pleased when I was contacted by Iain from New Holland Publishers asking me to review some of their crafts books, none of which I owned or had read. Yesterday I received a box full of goodies and hereby are my reviews. Can […]

crafting classes

SEWING/ KNITTING/ CROCHET CLASSES SEWING/ KNITTING/ CROCHET CLASSES I run several different sewing classes. I specialise in small and individual classes to really give you lots of attention. I can very much tailor each class to your level. I own some gorgeous vintage sewing machines, from 1890’s treadle Singers to a cute 70’s flowery number […]

New ventures!

I have done well over the last month at all the craft fairs I have done and they have shown me which of my goodies are liked best and which were frankly losers. Now I am broadening my horizons. Soon I want to start running sewing and other crafting classes. I am just looking into […]

True Blood

Having just watched the last episode of True Blood I am anxious not to wait until terrestrial tv shows it. Does anyone know exactly when FX are showing season 3? Been reading reviews and realises I am addicted and need more asap! Christmas without Eric and Lafayette will be hard enough, not waiting a year!! […]

Craft fairs and sewing galore

I am constantly surrounded by fabric at the moment as I had a weekend of craft fairs and an open studio last weekend and several more coming up. I did a sweet little quilting workshop with Elsie, she had made a patchwork quilt top which together we finished off and turned into a babyquilt for […]