Carter’s Steam Fair

Took Max to the steam fair today and he was SO excited! He went on every ride he was allowed on (alas no Waltzers or bumper cars) and watched the wall of death stunts. Please follow and like us:

Flowers and cushions and kids

What a very full day. I spent today with Sam and little Eve and my own Max, we ate millions of food in a cafe and then played in the park where it got all sunny n gorgeous. Back home I started making a cushion for Olive of Olive loves Alfie, the shop in Stoke […]

Lucas quilt

I made this quilt for my nephew Lucas’ first birthday. He may not have been too impressed but his mummy and daddy loved it. As did I! Have had major upheaval here last few weeks with my partner and I seperating. He moved out last week and it is still all very acutely sore. Am […]

New quilt for little Max

As Max’s daddy is now living away from us I thought it was only right Max had a quilt there made by me. I had it on sale but have taken it out of the Folksy shop and given it to Max – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Please follow and like us:

Sockpuppet and stuff

Dylan asked me to make a sock puppet for his friend Sean’s birthday. Having just flicked through a wonderful sock puppet book we were both quite inspired. So whilst my personal life unraveled around me I crafted that man right out of my hair as someone once sang (sort of!) and made this little man. […]

Have started on my first girlie quilt…

I have been commisioned to make my first very girlie girlie quilt and I was so excited about this I started on it yesterday even though I have other unfinished projects and two essays to write. Will finish it off next week and then be good and apply myself to school work instead! – Posted […]

In the bath with my hat on

Today little Max insisted on bathing with his new hat on. Contrary to most kids who will not keep a hat on, Max will not take his off. Last night he howled when he had to take it off in bed. So here he is, in the bath with his hat on. And why not. […]

Dylan’s birthday, cake and sunshine. And waterfight!

Dylan will be ten on Wednesday and we had a little party for him yesterday. I made the best ever victoria sponge cake – see max attacking it! And then the boys got the hose out and soaked each other and everything near them. It was hot and sunny. Perfect day! – Posted using BlogPress […]

I think I found a template I like…

And also i provisionally got a quilt order from a lovely woman at work, this time I get to make a girlie pink one (all have been boys’ ones so far, am desperate for some florals and some dusky pinks). Have a boy one to make for the lovely Spike and one for the lovely […]

Want to talk about my handmade cheeky quilts, quickly

So I have decided to leave work and chance the world of handmade goodies. I have made some gorgeous little quilts, terribly addictive they are too, there is just something about putting the layers together and stitching it that is scarily satisfying! Have a look see what you think… – Posted using BlogPress from my […]