Unique bespoke handmade quilts

IMG_3809I make fun, beautiful, heirloom quality unique quilts. QuiltBed_1024

Each quilt is designed after consultation with the client and therefor each quilt is unique and bespoke. I can add names and dates, favourite colours and fabrics, match your decor, applique on that little something that makes it yours. Contact me on [email protected] to discuss.

For children I mostly make cotbed sized quilts. These are 45×60″, which makes it an ideal size for bed time, travel, camping or on the sofa. Big enough to cover your child completely until they are about 5 and soft enough to use from they are a baby. Of course I also make single bed quilts as well as double bed and playmat sized quilts.


My quilts are lovingly handcrafted from pure soft cotton, appliqued and patchworked with beautiful designer fabrics. All fabrics are pre-washed and dried prior to making the quilt. Each quilt is backed with lovely fabrics too so both sides can be on show, they are machine stitched for strength and double bound (a specialist quilting term, trust me, it makes the edge virtually indestructible!)

The quilts are gently laundered upon completion. You can wash your quilt on the cool cycle and ideally line dry it (although I tumble dry mine and they are fine).

Lead time is about 6-8 weeks.

Email me on [email protected]IMG_3804


baby quilt: £200
Cotbed quilt: £400
Single bed quilt: £550
Double bed quilt: £900
Kingsize bed quilt: £1000

patchwork quilt_edited-1

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