New fabric

New fabric

I got a lovely box today… Full on dots, stripes, stars, ginghams and plains… All the way from Holland. It looked so delicious I just wanted to dive right in!

What I have been quilting

What I have been quilting

So… the children have been back at school a few weeks and my time is filling up rapidly. Very rapidly. From thinking I had seas of time when Max was first at school to realising 6 hours is in fact not very much at all has not taken long at all!

I have made (and am still making) some gorgeous quilts, some cool cushions, and lots of other its and bobs. I am about to start a quilt for my friend Leo who is being induced today (go girl!) and cannot wait to meet her little girl, and I am also making a playmat to cover a UGLY baby playpen for my friend Laurel’s two girls who at 10 months are full of mischief and need to be contained just every now and then so mum can do stuff (but need to be in a stylish playpen as they are stylish twins born to stylish mummy and daddy! Some pics:

Mazzy’s quilt in progress

Mazzy’s quilt in progress

Double bed quilt I made for the art trail

Max’s new patchwork quilt

Lucas’ quilt

Quilt for Amanda White

New @, &, ? and ! cushion range
hello school term, goodbye art trail 2012!

hello school term, goodbye art trail 2012!

Wow, what an amazing few weeks it has been! The E17 2012 art trail has just finished (yesterday was the last day) and athough the first weekend was largely dominated by the foul EDL marching through our lovely Walthamstow (we love our mixed community thank you very much, as we clearly showed you!), the last two weekends have been amazing. The weekend of 8th and 9th September was hot and I did a little art trail visiting with my lovely friend Salima, her son Haroun and my Max. We started at The Mill and the gorgeous exhibits on there, as well as the amazing Grow Your Own Theatre (website: grow your own theatre) doing some children’s drama sessions which Max took part in. He made a superhero wristband and then they made a little play together. He hasn’t stopped being a superhero yet!

We then visited Birdbox Avenue, local people having decorated little birdboxes which were hung all over people’s front gardens, school fence and down the length of Coppermill Lane. Half the fun was spotting them!

We then visited the wonderful @fabsternation who had taken photos of local twitter friends with their favourite possessions. He had just moved into his new home which had an amazing view of the water filter beds on the edge of the marshes.

The on the Sunday we witnessed a carrot and a leek being united in holy matrimony at the Vegetable Chapel of Love, a bonkers and super fun event.

The amazing Laura and Cris who organise the art trail then held a very special event for the little people in our area. Inspired by the book How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffries they transformed their road into a magical story land with starry lanterns and the whole story acted out in different gardens along the road. It was beautiful and inspirational and something no one will ever forget! Thanks guys…
This last weekend we at Thorpe Crescent were all open again. I set up in my new pink gazebo and on Saturday had a kids party with fancy dress and facepainting, a great success, lots of fun was had by all!
I have again met lots of cool new people and talked to interesting and funny and sweet locals and not-so-locals. I love the art trail! 
At the end of it all the neighbours, both who had taen part and those who hadn’t relaxed with a glass of red wine, some cupcakes (thanks Sarah) and a few precious rays of sun…
And then this morning Max (my youngest) went to school….

No more days of crafting and hanging out with friends and playdates on Tuesdays. Also no more trying to juggle work and a 4 year old. Yes I had a tear in my eye at the school gates. But here I am on a Monday morning listening to BBC Radio 6 and blogging, drinking coffee and sewing…not so bad really!
E17 Art Trail 1- 16 September 2012

E17 Art Trail 1- 16 September 2012

The 2012 E17 Art Trail, a wondrous two weeks of open studios, events, art, sales, workshops, parties, and putting Awesomestow on the map, is on this year between 1st – 16th September.

This will by my third art trail, and this time I am hoping to rise to the occasion even more than in previous years! 

This year I will be making some gorgeous new quilts for the trail, inspired by traditional quilts, executed in funky bright fabrics.

I will run some beginners sewing classes at a special reduced cost, there will be kids’ crafty workshops, I will be selling my trademark goodies and also some vintage sewing machines. 

I will be open between 11 and 3 on the 1st and 2nd September, and 11 – 3 on the 15th and 16th September. For more details and bookings for classes during the art trail (and after!) please visit 

And on Saturday 15th September between 1 and 4 there will be a special party on the green (@ Thorpe Crescent outside the Cheekyhandmade house, as well as various other art trail venues). There will be music, cake, kids games, some vintage campervan fun and some stalls selling funky wares (not just cheekyhandmades goodies although of course they will be available too).

Of course there are hundreds of other venues and people taking part too. More details: There is even a really cool app which can help you plan your route and gives you opening times and information and you can see all the venues on a map. Check it out on the app store under E17 art trail 2012!

Blog confusion pt 2

Blog confusion pt 2

Yes I know I said I was only going to post via my website blog but you know, I miss this blog! I cannot seem to find a way to get people to subscribe properly on the other blog, so I have no real idea who is reading it, if anyone. I have a constant stream of spam comments, which I never get on this blog, and no nice proper comments, which I used to get all the time on here. So I think that little experiment may have decided that I will continue blogging on here as normal. Hope you haven’t all gone away!!

Last weekend we went to visit friends near Northampton. We braved the threatening skies on the Sunday to take the kids and dog for a walk and check out some poppy fields. It was lovely and only rained for the first ten minutes. Check out these gorgeous photos

My constant sewing companion

My constant sewing companion

With all this rain the cats have not really left my side and it has been a real struggle to keep them (and their muddy paws!) off my sewing. But this is a rather nice thing to look at whilst I work (even though he is curled up on some lovely vintage lace…)

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Blog confusion

As part of my website ( I have a blog option set up under one of the tabs. For ages now I have been blogging on here and then also copying the blog posts to there. Now I sometimes blog there instead of here. It all has become muchly confusing!

So I think it would be easiest all round if I have everything in one place and move this blog to the website address. At the moment I don’t have hundreds of readers (yet) so it is easier to do it now.

So do make sure you swing by:

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Zakka style sewalong

Zakka style sewalong

Having been totally engrossed in my studies and a mountain of work I have some catching up to do but yesterday I made the zippered pouch which is this week’s project of the Zakka Style sewalong. Check out the wonderful LR stitched blog for more details.

There were some errors in the book but luckily I had read the Spotted Stone blog which did not just link to the errata page but had some great photos and helpful tips on inserting the all round zipper.

Unfortunately I still really struggled with the binding, and ended up ripping it out and redoing it several times, but now it is all done I can honesty say I love it and I could make the next one without instructions I think!

I added some zip tabs, I use them all the time now, it makes such a difference from not using them and seeing exposed zip ends. Using them appeals to me as it super simple but effective.

My sewing machine was playing up and I was too engrossed to stop and fix it so the stitching wasn’t the nicest but it is still pretty gorgeous I think!




















I also made some purses earlier this week (I needed a little break from revising!) and used this super soft and gorgeous London streetmap fabric. I ended up making three in a row!

New purchases

New purchases

I have had a very busy month and one the plus sides is having bought some great new supplies. And I just wanted to share some of these with you:

Fancy Moon delights…

Happy Zombie’s Happy Mochi Yum Yum fabric. I ordered LOADS of this and arrived really quickly from the USA. It is delicious! :

 Lovely fabric and iron patches from a lovely Dutch shop, Alice in Stoffenland. Even the packaging was gorgeous with the lovely goodies all wrapped in owl paper.

 Lovely vintage pillow cases I found in a charity shop in Holland…

Lovely fabrics and great buttons free with the most recent Mollie Makes…

I bought 20 packs of pencil for my pencil rolls… They looked so nice all stacked up together…

Latest sewing machine added to the household… she is v cute but a bit noisy…
cheeky handmades