Some of the blogs I love Pt 1

Some of the blogs I love Pt 1

I have been getting more and more into reading amazing, inspiring, beautiful blogs about sewing, crochet, knitting, and photography with some graphic design ones thrown in for good measure.

And today I want to share some of these with you. Not all at the same time as frankly there are quite a few of them, and it would be overwhelming, and anyway, you would probably give up after 5! So I will do them in installments. Today is part 1. By the way these are in no particular order and those in part 3 are in no way any less gorgeous or give less joy than those in part 1!

So here goes:

Fab site full of great colourful stitching stuff, including great tutorials, of among others this adorable purse:

Great sewing blog, this one has onspired me to take part in the Zakka Style Sew-Along (see new badge on the sidebar). I bought the book the other day and boy do I love it! 

colour in a simple life

  This lady has a serious addictive way with crochet, and colours. Yummy. Check out her blog for amazing inspiring posts and photography.

The happy zombie

 I LOVE this site, the logo, the fabrics she prints, the colours, it just makes me smile. One talented woman!

Orange you lucky 

 This lady is so super talented it makes me feel just a little jealous!

She just comes up with these gorgeous graphics, amazing colour combos, totally yummy.

Update on monthly makes…

Update on monthly makes…

…now we are officially in month three I wanted to update you on how I am doing with the crafty resolutions I made at the beginning of January.
I haven’t actually finished anything from my list I think but I has made other things, quite a few of them. However I really wanted to make things from all the wonderful craft books I had bought so I really will have to crack on with the list. I guess I am an opportunistic seamstress, not a planner!

I made this because I loved the fabric:

I made this because I had wanted to see whether initials rather than names on cushions would sell:

I am actually knitting a pattern! The Paperdolls from the super talented Kate Davies. Found this on Ravelry when I was salivating over the Owl jumper I do have on my list. Owl is a quick jumper to knit. Paperdolls is not. Guess which one I am knitting? Doing well though, I am almost finished with the main body!

I have technically finished the leg warmers, I just need to seam them. Oops, forgot. Will post finished items soon!

I started knitting Max some mittens when it was still REALLY cold. I made the pattern up as I went along. Did one mitten in an evening. Am a bit stuck now as in knitters block…:

I used some crazy fat yarn to crochet the outside of a crochet hook roll. Super cute huh?:

I made a fab patchwork blind. But it is still leaning against the wall as I am so rubbish at drilling holes…:

I made a case for my brand new Kindle. It needed one. I whipped it up in about 20 minutes:

And last but not least I made this amazing quilt for the lovely Sophie and her tiny newborn little girl:

So, what do you think, have I failed miserably to make a monthly make or have I done alright even though I have made next to nothing I planned to make?

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Pennies per hour of pleasure

Pennies per hour of pleasure

pennies per hour of pleasure

 I really want to share this great website with you. Pennies per hour of pleasure is a fantastic idea. It has excellent knitting and crochet patterns donated by designers, and merely asks you to donate according to the amount of pleasure you will derive from making and wearing this item. All money raised goes to Medicines sans frontieres which is even better.

Check it out here: pennies per hour of pleasure

Stitch and Bitch in East London!

Stitch and Bitch in East London!

Stitch and Bitch/ knit and natter/ knit whilst you drink I have been wanting to hang out with the wonderful I Knit London possee for years. But their meetings are often on days I cannot make and usually too far away from me. But every month I longingly read their wooly emails and wished I too could be hanging out knitting with my crew. So finally I contacted I Knit London (formerly Stitch and Bitch) to see if I could start an East London chapter. And hurrah, they are all for it! So to not waste any more time, I have decided to start on that special leapy day Wednesday 29th February at my local The Rose and Crown, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, where all are welcome, knitters, crochet-ers, yarn hookers, cross-stitches, all, whether wanting to learn or being a pro, to knit and stitch and be sociable. I am always happy to teach and hopefully eventually we will have a large enough group to encourage more people to take up hooks. So every fourth Wednesday of the month, from 7pm, we will be there. Please join, pass it on, and come out and stitch with me!!

great food packaging in my local shop…

great food packaging in my local shop…

Two of these I’m afraid are of the “what were they thinking about” kind of packaging that makes us giggle at Twat chocolate and Fanny face cream, whereas the tins of tomatoes, I actually really liked them as they looked kinda Orla Kiely, kinda Skandi 70s. So what made me giggle on the packaging of the poppadoms was the mad looking rabbit, definitely not in my book an advertisement for anything yummy… and as for brain masala, well, there are days my brain feels like masala but I wouldn’t try to sell it!

Anyway I am sure it will all make a lovely curry together and as soon as my back feels good enough to allow me to stand up for long enough to cook one we shall have a lovely (veggie) brainy curry

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday

Too busy for a long post so just some photographs today for you all to enjoy

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A bit of Create Place lovin’

A bit of Create Place lovin’

I have had the pleasure to be involved with the Create Place in Bethnal Green for just over a year and wanted do a blogging virtual shout out to them. So hereby. The Create Place is a wonderful creative space on Old Ford Road, near the tube and overground and right next to the ace Gallery Cafe. The run a fantastic selection of classes there, from creative writing to beginners sewing, cupcake decorating to quilting. There are knitting drop ins and free daytime classes, there is a little shop selling locally made designer handmade goodies, and there is always a pot of tea on the go.

It is run by the lovely Lisa. She didn’t just bring her amazing stash of Kaffe Fassett fabrics but also bags of enthusiasm, knowledge and sheer love for the place. She knits, she blogs, she rollerskates, she rocks. The Create Place is friendly and local, and every learner and teacher is instantly made to feel very welcome and involved. I love the place dearly and am glad to see it go from strength to strength. And to top it off there is a selection of handmade designer goodies on sale! Their website is here: and their full listing and bookings are here:

We have few places left on the next beginners sewing class on 29th January and just one on the popular one day quilting class on 5th February. Get in quick before they fill up! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Web and blog problems, back on track now!

Web and blog problems, back on track now!

I migrated this blog to a new location, aiming to use WordPress to design it. I  posted a great post about wanting to win a place on the Girls Guide to Webdesign course, and told EVERYONE about it. I had some lovely comments too, and quite a few votes. Then disaster struck and my new blog went down, taking everything with it. It looks like I somehow managed to delete some major files. Oops. A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing and I should leave well alone until I learn to do it all properly!

So I have reinstated my blog on here, no harm done, and have started working on my website instead ( I think it is already looking better. Cleaner, more spacious. Just imagine what I could do if I won that space on the course? So if you can please follow the link to the amazing Girls Guide to Webdesign and click on my logo. I know my original blog link doesn’t work anymore but you can still vote. And have a look at the other inspirational women doing their bit to try and win a place too. Maybe even sign up for a course yourself? The course comes highly recommended and one way or another I will do it this year.

I will just leave you with this unrelated but delicious bundle of fabrics I received from Fancy Moon last week. Yummy!

new year’s resolutions

new year’s resolutions

I don’t go in for the usual bettering myself new year’s resolutions ( do I think I cannot possibly better myself? Best discussed at a different forum!). But this year I have made crafting resolutions. In short I am going to make even more stuff but chiefly things that have been in my head or on my to do list for a while or things I have seen in some of the many many craft books I have bought this last year that have made me go Oh I want that. Only for the book to be added to one of the piles of books in my living room and never to be made. 

Maybe I should make a resolution to not buy any more craft books until I have run out of all the things to knit, crochet and sew from all the wonderful patterns I already have. But it is an addiction and I am not quite ready to stop buying and coveting craft books just yet (although I could go on a fancy holiday in a hot country if I stopped!).

SO…here is my list of all the wonderful things I want to make and finish this year. Maybe slightly ambitious but hey as I am still feeling very optimistic about 2012 here goes in no particular order:

1. Make something (bunting?) out of ironed plastic bags. May sound daft but I have seen a few tutorials about reusing plastic bags (not that I have any mind, I will have to beg borrow and steal some) to make a durable fabric by ironing the bags between greaseproof paper. See this fab link:
Doesn’t this dress look fab?

2. Gorgeous Owl jumper as sported by the lovely Lisa this Saturday.
About 5000 people have already knitted one worldwide I saw on Ravelry but why not me too? It is rather cute..
3. I bought a lovely soap making book and would like to now make some soap. In fact I have a lovely (pie in the sky?) idea of making my own dishwasher soap, shampoo and everything. Baby steps Jennie!
4. Do a cross stitch design for a new tattoo. Yes, it has been way too long since I last had myself decorated and I feel a little swallow vintage stylee coming on. As I also want to do a funky cross stitch design (inspired by Twisted Stitches and Subversive Cross Stitch books) I will combine the two.
5. I want to, need to, finish the great lacy tunic I have been knitting for like, ever. I did so well with the first side and the start of the second one too, and then I stopped. And then I never started again. It looks great and will be fab when done so I MUST!
6. Make something from the Big Ass Book of Crafts. It has about 6000 projects in it and I love most of them so this should be easy. I feel something non fabric related, maybe some spray painting onto vintage plates? Could link in with the class I am doing at Oak Studioto make a cake stand from vintage plates. 

right up my Strasse me thinks! 
8. Make something from the gorgeous Everything Alice book. Perhaps the lovely felt cot mobile for Laurel’s twins?
9. Make a quilt from the Material  Obsession books, maybe coupled with my growing stash of old clothes of ours I want to re-use. 
10. Make something from the Scandinavian Needlecraft book, would make great Christmas presents
11.Make something from the great Sew it, stuff it book. Lovely dollies and teddies. Perfect for little people’s birthday presents.
12. Do some fabric printing from the Printing by hand book I bought about a year ago, with all the best of intentions. I even have a stamp I made  with the lovely Zeena and some shiny silver fabric paint.  

I also joined the Ravelry 12 in 2012 group, to spurn me on.

….and lastly I thought I might try blogging every day or most days just to force my creative hand in that way. We are now on day three so let’s see how we go…

cheeky handmades