yummy chickpea lunch

Thanks to Knitting on Trains’ blogpost http://www.knittingontrains.com/ which came in just before I stopped sewing to eat my lunch, I am having gorgeous spicy chickpeas for lunch. Yummy. With home grown lettuce and a bit of sumac (yummy spice). Do check out the Knitting on Trains blog, it is always full of great stuff.

Quilting course at The Create Place

I have been experimenting with funky pot holders (can easily be made as coasters or place mats too) and I am loving the result. To learn how to make these yourself join me at The Create Place on either Wednesday 18th or Wednesday 25th May between 6.30 – 9 for a short introduction to quilting. Lots of […]

E17 Designer Spring Market

Come and see me at the next E17 Designers Market on Friday 13th may at the Asian Center in Orford Road between 7 and 10pm

Create Place new ventures

Sew Cafe at the Create Place I will be running sewing drop ins (Sew Cafe) on the first Wednesday of every month between 6.30 – 9, starting on 4th May at The Create Place, 29 Old Ford Road, Betnal Green E2 9BJ http://www.thecreateplace.co.uk  There will also be a special Easter Sew Cafe on Saturday 23rd […]

things I covet

Here are some gorgeous things I covet… Miso Funky I love Sewing  Cassia Beck Prints Felt Bird Brooch Cassia Beck Prints Dea Beale

Sewing classes this weekend

Laura’s cushion Beata, Laura and Yolanda hard at work cutting out their cushions Polly and Claire’s finished cushions Beata and Yolanda’s finished cushions this weekend I ran several sewing classes and a crochet class. Here are the gorgeous results. I am so proud of my ladies and their work!

New ventures

The craft classes are running and proving to be very successful – and enjoyable! From March I will be teaching quilting workshops at The Create Place in Bethnal green on Wednesday nights. They run lots of cool and cheap classes in a fantastic venue, check out their website http://backtobasicsartsandcrafts.blogspot.com/p/workshops.html I am very excited to be […]

Great craft books

As I have a very serious craft book buying habit I was incredibly pleased when I was contacted by Iain from New Holland Publishers asking me to review some of their crafts books, none of which I owned or had read. Yesterday I received a box full of goodies and hereby are my reviews. Can […]

crafting classes

SEWING/ KNITTING/ CROCHET CLASSES SEWING/ KNITTING/ CROCHET CLASSES I run several different sewing classes. I specialise in small and individual classes to really give you lots of attention. I can very much tailor each class to your level. I own some gorgeous vintage sewing machines, from 1890’s treadle Singers to a cute 70’s flowery number […]

New ventures!

I have done well over the last month at all the craft fairs I have done and they have shown me which of my goodies are liked best and which were frankly losers. Now I am broadening my horizons. Soon I want to start running sewing and other crafting classes. I am just looking into […]