Dylan’s birthday, cake and sunshine. And waterfight!

Dylan will be ten on Wednesday and we had a little party for him yesterday. I made the best ever victoria sponge cake – see max attacking it! And then the boys got the hose out and soaked each other and everything near them. It was hot and sunny. Perfect day! – Posted using BlogPress […]

I think I found a template I like…

And also i provisionally got a quilt order from a lovely woman at work, this time I get to make a girlie pink one (all have been boys’ ones so far, am desperate for some florals and some dusky pinks). Have a boy one to make for the lovely Spike and one for the lovely […]

Want to talk about my handmade cheeky quilts, quickly

So I have decided to leave work and chance the world of handmade goodies. I have made some gorgeous little quilts, terribly addictive they are too, there is just something about putting the layers together and stitching it that is scarily satisfying! Have a look see what you think… – Posted using BlogPress from my […]

I don’t understand Twitter at all, someone help!

Is it just me ( it must be) but I just don’t understand how Twitter works, I just see random comments that make no sense and how I would join in with that I don’t know… Argh x – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Wow finally I am blogging…

SO everyone keeps telling me I must have a blog, and I know I do but frankly I have had NO time wot with three kids, studying for a degree, starting a business making quilts and things, and still working – but not for long now, 6 weeks to go today and desperately counting!. But […]