Dress a girl charity sewing

Dress a girl charity sewing

I have about 13 dresses to send off to the Dress and Girl around the World charity but as I was getting ready to send them my friend Petra turned up with a huge stack of beautiful fabric designed by her, to be used for dresses. Looks like I’ll be making some more before the parcel goes off! Thanks Petra you are a superstar!!


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Dress a girl around the world

Dress a girl around the world

On Wednesday 11th June I am running my fifth Dress a Girl Around the World event. I love these charity sewing sessions. You will learn to make a very simple pillow case dress (so called because all you need is a pillow case worth of fabric), or a simple pair of shorts. You can decorate these to your heart’s content. When they are all done they get sent off to the charity’s UK head quarters (Sewscrumptious ) where they will be distributed all over the developing world. In all I believe about 20000 dresses have been given to girls who have likely never had their own new dress before. Can you imagine how special you would feel if you knew someone had made this specially for you? With love?

Here’s some photos of the last event I ran at the local WI.









Come join us then at the next one. Please try to bring a 100% cotton pillow case or some cotton fabric. I will supply the rest. Please do book some know how many people to expect:




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Dress a girl around the world

Dress a girl around the world

I am at the Create Place right now, making dresses out of pillow cases for girls all over the developing world who would not ordinarily have a dress of their own. We are having enormous fun, there are about 8 of us sewing. So far we have finished a few dresses but are on schedule to make at least ten to add to the box of dresses we made last year (but haven’t sent off yet, oops). 

Hopefully you will come and join us at the next one!

dress a girl around the world website

The Create Place


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