Cheekyhandmades Bloganniversary!

Cheekyhandmades Bloganniversary!

Ok ok I’m a month late but all the same, let’s celebrate.

Cheekyhandmades has been around for 4 years. In these four years it’s gone from a tiny spark of a dream to a grown up company. From trailing my makes around local craft fairs in the beginning to where I am now has been a long but interesting and fun journey.



Cheekyhandmades now is much much more than I ever could have hoped for. I teach a lot of sewing classes, both in small groups and private classes. I make bespoke quilts for people (they are in my shop). I service and repair a lot of sewing machines and make people smile when I put their trusty steed back on the road ;-). I even still sometimes to fairs. I am about to build a studio in the back garden as I’ve outgrown my current workspace.

It’s been a great four years. I’ve met hundreds of fantastic people and some of them have become great friends. I’ve taught a lot and learnt even more. I’ve loved every minute of it.

Here’s to many many more years!






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Wow finally I am blogging…

Wow finally I am blogging…

SO everyone keeps telling me I must have a blog, and I know I do but frankly I have had NO time wot with three kids, studying for a degree, starting a business making quilts and things, and still working – but not for long now, 6 weeks to go today and desperately counting!. But no more excuses and here we are. I am actually supposed to be studying, the lovely Kate has Max (2) for a few hours, but hey, it’s too sunny outside, I have taken some great pics i want to upload and i want to stick some more goodies on Etsy so i have watched a little of the DVD (studying-lite) but first I want to get this off the ground.

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