Quilts in progress

I am having a nice gentle week with hand quilting and some machine quilting.

I have almost finished the quilt for Mazzy whose mummy writes the lovely Mommyshorts blog. I have loved making this quilt and will be sad to see it go. But go it must! This week.

And my dear friend Leo had a little girl last week. I had been collecting scraps and cut them all up into triangles a fee weeks back without a clear idea how the final quilt would look. I knew it would work itself out in the end and it did! Almost done with that one too. I have been rushing that one a little as I want it done before I meet Arriela next week so the stitching is a bit scrappy but Leo, having become a friend after meeting her at one of my classes, will forgive me for that!

Sunny days this week interspersed with torrential rain. All the cats are suddenly hanging around again as it is getting cold out. From no visible cats we are now suddenly a proper 4 cat household again. Plus we have a feral kitty living in the shed. She comes in for food but is scared of people. She is fond of our Jasper though…

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