Some quilting, a tiny bit of spring…

It is the Easter holidays so I am not really able to sew a great deal but I am slowly plodding along with some of the 8 quilts I am working on at the same time (!).

The beautiful indigo quilts is waiting for backing material so is on hold now, I will post some more pictures once it is done.

I am finishing a quilt for my lovely friend Salima, for her birthday on Monday. It is the Orbit Quilt Along quilt which I have blogged about before. I have decided she needs it in her life, as it is all flowery and soft and beautiful, just like she is!

I made another pincushion. I had all these gorgeous scraps sitting around…

I know the weather has been atrocious (we had a snowy blizzard here yesterday!!) but the spring flowers are trying their best. I had to bring these guys in to be able to look at them though, my garden is off the menu when it is this cold out!

I got a big delivery of seeds a few days ago, and even though it is April I cannot begin to think about growing things just yet. For that we need sunshine!

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