Teaching a pattern cutting class using the Colette Ginger pattern

This weekend saw the second class in this two part course, teaching beginners to make a skirt from a commercial pattern.

I have been using Colette patterns for these classes for a while now but have recently changed to using the Ginger skirt pattern. I used to use the pedal pushers (Clover) pattern, which wasn’t actually that suitable for a beginner as there can be SO many fitting issues with trousers. This skirt however is really good for newbies as there aren’t even any darts.

I love the Colette wcp1016-version2-pink-large-f982fe1d67c598e670a7518495fd176eebsite and their patterns are just amazing. Here’s the link: https://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/ginger

The patterns come in a beautiful stitched booklet, with all the notes and guidance really nicely laid out. Go away flimsy explanations on tissue paper. Be done with you. We love this chunky creamy paper, clear diagrams and links for video tutorials on putting in invisible zips etc included in the pattern. Way forward! These new pattern companies clearly know what customers want. They clearly pride themselves on supplying a pattern that can be followedeasily. It should be that all pattern companies think like that but it seems to be up to the independent ones to really show them how it’s done, and I fully support them in that.

Saying that Colette patterns tend to cater for pear shaped ladies, and I’m not myself a pear – more of a tree trunk 🙂 – so not all the Colette patterns look equally fabulous on me but I did make myself a Ginger skirt yesterday. I’m not going to show you the waistband because although I did a great job on it I was lazy and used my student’s pattern pieces (so I could sew along with her and not waste time measuring) so although it fits, as in I fit in it, and I managed to dance the night away in it last night, it actually doesn’t sit beautifully at the waist. But hey, no one is ever going to see the top of my sP1030063kirt. And I do love the funky 70s fabric I made it from and the dinky little iPhone pocket that was pretty essential for me (wot, no pockets, where’s a girl gonna keep her mobi??)

Photo-wise I only shot a quick selfie before I ran out of the door, proper shots to follow once the skirt is out of the wash.  Anyway you get the idea. Nice skirt, funky waistband which I refuse to show you, fab fabric. Will definitely make again and again as it doesn’t even take much fabric and was quick to run up.

So if I have now whetted your appetite for dress making why not join me at the next dress making course? It starts on the 8th February. I only have two students in the class so you get almost one to one attention. The skirt pattern and all haberdashery is included in the class fee, you will just need to bring 2.5m of suitable fabric, we will talk about this in the first class. Booking is here:

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