The small print

The small print

Here’s where I’m going to talk to you about the boring but important bits to do with bookings and money etc. In no particular order:

– I don’t generally run classes just for one person. If it is looking likely that you are the only one who has booked in for a class I will contact you in good time and we will decide together whether you want to come on an alternative date or whether you would prefer a refund.

– Once a booking has been made and the money is paid your booking is confirmed. Until then someone else can still book that slot. Keep an eye out for the confirmation email and follow the link in it to confirm.

– If you don’t have a Paypal account you can check out as a guest with a credit or debit card. I don’t accept cash on the day. If you prefer to pay by cheque please note your place is not booked until the cheque is cleared. This can take up to two weeks from sending it to me. Please only pay this way as a last resort therefor, as it’s also a huge pain for me as I don’t have a handy bank on the doorstep!

– Once you have paid, if you need to cancel please note I have to charge you 10% in admin fees on  a refund. This may seem steep but I pay a lot in Paypal fees, bank fees and listing fees not to mention admin time. Alternatively I can generate a voucher to be used for future classes.

– If you want to cancel a class please email me first. If you just cancel a refund is not automatically generated and will need to be instigated by me, this can take time.

– If you cancel less than a week before the class taking place you are only entitled to a 70% refund. I may be able to offer you a free place on a future class but this is discretionary. Please note any refunds will need to be requested within 60 days. After this it will not be possible to refund you.

– If there are only 48 hours until the class starts I cannot refund you. Of course if you are really sick on the day, call or text me (07944 863932). I am human too and we all get sick or have family crises to deal with. If I can move you to a different class I will.

– If I move or cancel a booking you are entitled to a full refund although let’s talk first as you may well just want to move to the next class. If so I will just move your booking as long as you contact me in good time (see above). Do let me know if you prefer a refund. Just canceling your class does not trigger a refund, I will always wait for you to let me know what you want to do. I lose a lot of money in fees on each transaction so would rather re-book you or give you a voucher for another class.

– If you turn up late for a class, so late I cannot teach you, you will not be entitled to a refund or to come to the next class instead. Likewise if you forget to attend and contact me after the class has run. I’m not talking about being ten minutes late of course :-).

– Any vouchers purchased have to be used within a year of the purchase date.

Obviously I’m not cold hearted and if something happens which means you cannot attend just call or email me and I can see whether I can find someone else to take your place. If there are circumstances beyond anyone’s control, for example a tube strike, or a sick child, we will just have to play it by ear.

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