Update on monthly makes…

…now we are officially in month three I wanted to update you on how I am doing with the crafty resolutions I made at the beginning of January.
I haven’t actually finished anything from my list I think but I has made other things, quite a few of them. However I really wanted to make things from all the wonderful craft books I had bought so I really will have to crack on with the list. I guess I am an opportunistic seamstress, not a planner!

I made this because I loved the fabric:

I made this because I had wanted to see whether initials rather than names on cushions would sell:

I am actually knitting a pattern! The Paperdolls from the super talented Kate Davies. Found this on Ravelry when I was salivating over the Owl jumper I do have on my list. Owl is a quick jumper to knit. Paperdolls is not. Guess which one I am knitting? Doing well though, I am almost finished with the main body!

I have technically finished the leg warmers, I just need to seam them. Oops, forgot. Will post finished items soon!

I started knitting Max some mittens when it was still REALLY cold. I made the pattern up as I went along. Did one mitten in an evening. Am a bit stuck now as in knitters block…:

I used some crazy fat yarn to crochet the outside of a crochet hook roll. Super cute huh?:

I made a fab patchwork blind. But it is still leaning against the wall as I am so rubbish at drilling holes…:

I made a case for my brand new Kindle. It needed one. I whipped it up in about 20 minutes:

And last but not least I made this amazing quilt for the lovely Sophie and her tiny newborn little girl:

So, what do you think, have I failed miserably to make a monthly make or have I done alright even though I have made next to nothing I planned to make?

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