Web and blog problems, back on track now!

I migrated this blog to a new location, aiming to use WordPress to design it. I  posted a great post about wanting to win a place on the Girls Guide to Webdesign course, and told EVERYONE about it. I had some lovely comments too, and quite a few votes. Then disaster struck and my new blog went down, taking everything with it. It looks like I somehow managed to delete some major files. Oops. A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing and I should leave well alone until I learn to do it all properly!

So I have reinstated my blog on here, no harm done, and have started working on my website instead (www.cheekyhandmades.co.uk). I think it is already looking better. Cleaner, more spacious. Just imagine what I could do if I won that space on the course? So if you can please follow the link to the amazing Girls Guide to Webdesign and click on my logo. I know my original blog link doesn’t work anymore but you can still vote. And have a look at the other inspirational women doing their bit to try and win a place too. Maybe even sign up for a course yourself? The course comes highly recommended and one way or another I will do it this year.

I will just leave you with this unrelated but delicious bundle of fabrics I received from Fancy Moon last week. Yummy!

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Post Author: Jennie