What I have been quilting

So… the children have been back at school a few weeks and my time is filling up rapidly. Very rapidly. From thinking I had seas of time when Max was first at school to realising 6 hours is in fact not very much at all has not taken long at all!

I have made (and am still making) some gorgeous quilts, some cool cushions, and lots of other its and bobs. I am about to start a quilt for my friend Leo who is being induced today (go girl!) and cannot wait to meet her little girl, and I am also making a playmat to cover a UGLY baby playpen for my friend Laurel’s two girls who at 10 months are full of mischief and need to be contained just every now and then so mum can do stuff (but need to be in a stylish playpen as they are stylish twins born to stylish mummy and daddy! Some pics:

Mazzy’s quilt in progress

Mazzy’s quilt in progress

Double bed quilt I made for the art trail

Max’s new patchwork quilt

Lucas’ quilt

Quilt for Amanda White

New @, &, ? and ! cushion range
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