Zakka style sewalong

Having been totally engrossed in my studies and a mountain of work I have some catching up to do but yesterday I made the zippered pouch which is this week’s project of the Zakka Style sewalong. Check out the wonderful LR stitched blog for more details.

There were some errors in the book but luckily I had read the Spotted Stone blog which did not just link to the errata page but had some great photos and helpful tips on inserting the all round zipper.

Unfortunately I still really struggled with the binding, and ended up ripping it out and redoing it several times, but now it is all done I can honesty say I love it and I could make the next one without instructions I think!

I added some zip tabs, I use them all the time now, it makes such a difference from not using them and seeing exposed zip ends. Using them appeals to me as it super simple but effective.

My sewing machine was playing up and I was too engrossed to stop and fix it so the stitching wasn’t the nicest but it is still pretty gorgeous I think!




















I also made some purses earlier this week (I needed a little break from revising!) and used this super soft and gorgeous London streetmap fabric. I ended up making three in a row!

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