Long arm quilting service

Long arm quilting service

I know how many of you finish a quilt top and then dread or delay the next bit, and have piles of UFOs waiting to be turned into actual quilts. Let me take this job off your hands so you can keep creating more quilts!

I own a quilting frame which makes light work of stretching all the layers of a quilt without wrinkles and quilting all the layers together with free motion stitching, or stitching patterns. It is NOT a long arm quilting machine – I use my own Janome 6700P in the frame. As I don’t currently use neatly printed out pantographs it will always have an element of my signature in the stitching. I do not offer perfection or accurate symmetry, but I do feel quilt is much more lively with the personal touch!

I do own a number of quilting templatesI can use on your quilt. Let’s have a chat! I personally feel an overtly complex design can really detract from a beautifully made quilt and I for myself tend to keep the stitching simple but of course ultimately it is your choice!

The process is that you to send me your quilt top and backing, or I supply the backing, and then I quilt all the layers together. I’m happy for you to provide your own wadding or I can sell this to you. I can also bind the quilt by machine or hand or I can return it to you to for you to do this yourself.

Lead time: Lead time will be around 4 weeks although there are times it will be much shorter, it can also occasionally be longer.

There are a lot of elements in providing an accurate quote, but here is a price list for the basics:

Size QuiltingBastingUse backing as
binding machine/ hand finish
Binding machine/ hand stitch
Cot up to
40″ x 50″
£110£60£20/50£30/ £60
Lap up to
60″ x 70″
£135£65£35/ £65£45/£75
Single up to
70″ x 80″
£165£75£50/ £85£60/£95
Double up to
80″ x 95″
£195£80£60/ £100£70/£110
King up to
90″ x 100″
240 x 280cm
£220£85£65/ £105£75/£115

We stock the following
Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 width 96″ – colour natural £13.00 per metre

Additional Costs

A small charge of £20 is charged if extra work is required to prepare your quilt. This includes:

  • Small repairs eg: securing loose stitching or gaps
  • Ironing the top or backing fabric
  • Making the top or backing square
  • Stitching and pressing the backing fabric

Notes On Preparing Your Quilt & Backing Fabric

  • Please provide me with the exact thread colour (Gutermann, Coats Duet, or Arufill) or the thread itself. If not supplied or specified I will make a decision based on the quilt top.
  • Keep all layers separate. No need to pin or baste together
  • Check all seams for gaps or loose stitches
  • Trim all loose threads front and back
  • Square your quilt top and backing fabric
  • Press the quilt top, making sure the seams lay as flat as possible
  • Backing fabric must be at least 4″ – 6″ larger than the quilt top on all sides, to accommodate loading onto the machine
  • Mark the top of your quilt if directional.  A safety pin or piece of fabric loosely stitched near the top works well
  • If you need to join the backing fabric first remove the selvedge and stitch using 1/2″ seam allowance. Press the seam open. 
  • Optional: If you do not purchase the wadding from me please make sure that it’s the same size as the backing fabric
  • Optional: if you would like us to complete your quilt and attach the binding please provide the binding 2 1/2″ width and 12″ longer then the measurement around the quilt edge.  For example 2 x length + 2 x width + 12″ to allow for corners and joining.
  • Please note that quilts should be free from embellishments, beading or buttons.  Any trimmings should be added after the quilt is returned.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements here

See my quilting frame in action here!