Pinterest Challenge

Coming to this possibly a bit late in the day (some two months after it started) I nonetheless love this so much I am joining in. 
“This” is Pinterest Challenge. You know all those gorgeous things you pin up on your boards? Every month you pick one, just one, to make. And then you post your make on your blog and link it back to the original gals who started the challenge. Simple? Yes. Effective? Oh yes. Fun? Oodles of.
The first Monday of the month is when you post your make up on this blog mylovebumps and then you can sit back and enjoy what everybody else has made. So far more than 50 ladies (presume you are all ladies, sorry to any lovely men taking part!) have signed up.
Join us?

Here is a picture of my pimped up Kindle case for your enjoyment
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Post Author: Jennie