Quilt repair, what we do, and how to get your quilt repaired

Quilt repair, what we do, and how to get your quilt repaired

Hi, I am Amy, and I have been repairing quilts together with Jennie for about 3.5 years now. Some are very old, some newer, but all very loved. Each one gets a bespoke treatment depending on what state they are in. Some have to have  lots of fabric replaced, while others will be patched up with wabi-sabi style mending. I work closely with Jennie still and we prepare quotes together etc.

Prices: A quote range can only be given once we have the quilt and after a detailed chat about what you would like and what can be done. It’s important to realise that there is a difference between repairing a quilt so it can be used again, and attempting to restore a quilt closely in line with the artistic intention of the maker, often using the techniques originally used. Repair is sometimes not possible without changing the character of a quilt somewhat (if most of the original fabric is unstable for example). Restoration is more expensive as it’s extremely labour intensive to source matching fabric, treat stains, replicate often complex hand stitching, and repair embroidery etc. It’s also important to note we often won’t know what we will find until we start work. Often we find fabric is much more damaged than can be seen from the outside or wadding has disintegrated inside the quilt etc. It has to be remembered that with some quilts, without replacing ALL the fabric and ALL the stitching, some damage will always remain. Sometimes by handling fabric and attaching new and older pieces they become more fragile and at some point we have to decide that it’s good enough as is, to stop costs spiralling further. If a quilt is antique or very precious it may be best to retire it rather than try to carry on using it.

In light of all of the above our initial quote is a rough estimate. We know this can be frustrating, but we will keep you informed at every step and if we find things that escalate costs you will be involved in the decision about what next. Obviously all work already carried out will need to be paid for even if you then decide not to progress with further repairs. This to be fair doesn’t happen too often and we may also end up charging less than we had quoted!

We charge a £35 fee for assessing and preparing a quote, plus p&p for returning the quilt to you, even if you decide not to go ahead with the work.

Lead Time: We have been inundated with requests and our waiting list for work to start has crept up to around 3 months. Quilts that need extensive hand stitching will need to be fitted around work and family commitments, so it’s difficult to confirm an estimated finish date. But again we will keep you up to date as we move through the list and through the repair!

Please contact me to discuss your requirements [email protected]

Here is some recent feedback: 

“Hi Jennie, I received the quilt back today. Thank you for the transformation! I’m very pleased with the work.” (Bill)

“Dear Ladies, I just want to thank you very much indeed for making my 59 year old quilt come alive again! You have done a wonderful job on it, which will now now continue to bring joy to my family for years to come.” (Catherine)

Below: From extremely damaged and worn to patched up and back to life in just a month!