Repair Services (machines, quilts, clothes)

Repair Services (machines, quilts, clothes)

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Repair Service

I can fix many useful things! I can fix sewing machines, overlockers, quilts, patch up your holey jeans, darn your socks and jumpers, and lovingly fix your teddies and cloth toys. And if I can’t I know people who can!

clothes repair

I can fix your favourite jeans after they have worn through at the knees or crotch, I can darn your beloved woolen jumper or the holes in your hand knitted socks. I can do so with bright happy patches and colours or as near invisible as possible, by hand or by machine. I can also fix cherished toys, source new squakers, restuff, patch, re-attach torn off limbs & insert new eyes

Quilt Repair

More and more this year I have been repairing vintage quilts. Some very old, some newer, all very loved. Each one gets a bespoke treatment deepening on what state they are in.

Sewing machine servicing & repairs London

I have a pretty good track record and it is a lot cheaper than taking it in to a brick and mortar repair shop. I charge £45 an hour or part thereof (plus parts). I operate a “no repair no fee” policy and will always consult before carrying out any repairs