Sewing machine servicing & repairs London

I am a little bit clever when it comes to fixing sewing machines. Obviously if it has been dropped on it’s head and it rattles when you shake it I may not be able to help but for basic tension problems or an inability to form  stitches without creating nests under the needle or a machine having seized up or anything else you are scratching your head over, please drop over with your machine and I will have a look. I have a pretty good track record and it is a lot cheaper than taking it in to a repair shop.  I charge £45 an hour or part thereof (plus parts). I operate a “no repair no fee” policy and will always consult before carrying out any repairs beyond the basics or will let you know if your machine is not economical to repair. And by that I don’t mean it’s too old as the oldies definitely are goodies (like good old Frank from Easties used to say about Pat :-)). It’s more likely to be the case of a platic machine that’s been heavily used or was cheap to begin with than a 1970s beauty!

If you own a new-ish plastic machine it may not be fixable as some are made almost to be disposable. So if you have a newer machine with a problem, outside it’s warranty period, I can have a look but it takes a very long time to even get into the machine (ie costing you more in repair costs) and often the problems are only rectified temporarily, so any repairs done are at your own risk. Not just my opinion but of most repair shops too! So just to be clear, I will have a look but may advice you that I cannot fix it.

I can’t fix electrics or electronics and cab’t replace broken gears but I have teamed up with a man who can so from now on I will be able to refer you to Frank who is a self taught enthusiast like myself but has more of a mind to fix the things I can’t as he has a background in computer engineering! His ethos is the same as mine, we both love saving older machines from the bin and are passionate about putting old ladies back on their feet.

If you have bought a machine on ebay or you have inherited one without handbook I can have a look to see what, if anything, she needs, clean and service it in front of you so you learn how to do it yourself AND teach you how to use your machine all for £50 (for an hour).Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Email me to book in here .

I am always happy to provide advice on decent machines to buy new or second hand. I will be glad to help you source a cute vintage machine too and I usually have a small selection for sale.


I have been experimenting with empowering people to service and repair their own machines by Skype, for those of you without transport, time or not within London, and it has worked very well so now I am rolling this out to everyone! For just £40/ hour I will talk you through sorting out the issues you may be having with your machine, satisfaction guaranteed.

“Jennie was amazing, I bought my machine on ebay and didn’t really
know the basic of sewing let alone how to tackle problems. She showed
me around the machine, how to change tension and why, belt problems
even how to thread it correctly and in about twenty minutes a machine
I had spent around two days messing with was producing perfect
stitches – she really knows her stuff and even better as my machine is
old and heavy she did this all on skype – I’m so pleased with the
service and had a nice chat at the same time. She’s my go to woman for
sewing from now on” (Diane)

Contact me here to arrange a session.


IMG_8787And now for a free bit of invaluable repair advice: If you have a machine and the tension just will not be right no matter what you try, you may have to adjust the bobbin tension. I promise this will get rid of 90% of “my machine won’t work” issues!!
Take your bobbin out, case and all (if it does not come in a case I will tell you what to do after). Hold the thread in your right hand and gently let the case go. If the case drops to the floor, the bobbin tension is too loose. If it does not drop at all, not even when you gently push it away (like a  yoyo), the tension is too tight. It should gently drop a bit when you yoyo it. The tiny screw on the bobbin case just gets rattled loose over the years and this causes the top tension to be un-adjustable. I bet it has gone too loose. Just gently turn the tiny screw a little anticlockwise until the case drops as described above. If you don’t have a case and your bobbin drops in, there should still be a tiny screw near the front of where the bobbin drops in. Takes one tiny screwdriver and approx 5 mins. of your time. Now pat yourself on the back and have some biscuits, you have saved yourself money and time and learned something in the process too.