Sewing machine servicing & repairs

Sewing machine servicing & repairs

I’m little bit clever when it comes fixing mechanical issues, servicing and getting the best out of sewing machines of all ages – antique, vintage and modern! I can fix your machine for you, or teach you how to repair and service yourself, either in person or remotely.

Please note: I’ll always consult before carrying out any repairs beyond the basics or will let you know if your machine is not economical to repair. I’m unable to fix electrics or electronics and can’t replace broken gears, but please do contact Regent Home of Sewing in Ilford who will be able to help ( Please do tell them I referred you.


Machines will need to be dropped off to my studio in north east London, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. I don’t have a shop and you cannot turn up on spec. I charge £50 (plus parts). I usually turn repairs around fairly quickly but it all depends on what else I have on and what issues your machine has. 


I can teach you how to clean, service and repair your machine AND how to use it effectively, all for £70 (1 hour).Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset




And now for some free and invaluable repair advice!…I have a YouTube channel for repair videos:


Bobbin Tension

If you have a machine and you just can’t get the tension right you may have to adjust using the bobbin. Grab a tiny screwdriver – it will only take 5 minutes. I promise this will get rid of 90% of ‘my machine won’t work’ issues!!

Take your bobbin out, case and all (if it don’t come in a case I will tell you what to do later). Hold the thread in your right hand and gently let the case go. If the case drops to the floor, the bobbin tension is too loose. If it does not drop at all, not even when you gently push it away (like a  yoyo), the tension is too tight. It should gently drop a bit when you yoyo it. The tiny screw on the bobbin case just gets rattled loose over the years and this causes the top tension to be un-adjustable. I bet it has gone too loose. Just gently turn the tiny screw a little anti-clockwise until the case drops as described above. If you don’t have a case and your bobbin drops in, there should still be a tiny screw near the front of where the bobbin drops in. If you’d would prefer to see this in action check out the video below.

Now pat yourself on the back and have some biscuits, you have saved yourself money and time and learned something in the process too!

Machine Seized Up

And here’s a short video on how to get your machine going again after a thread jam or maybe a bit of needle snapped off, and nothing will move. It may just help!

If these videos or advice have helped you I’m so pleased! Do buy me a coffee or some tulips here (PayPal). Many thanks!



“Jennie was amazing! I bought my machine on eBay and didn’t really know the basics of sewing, let alone how to tackle problems. She showed me around the machine, how to change tension and why, belt problems, even how to thread it correctly. And in about 20 minutes a machine I had spent around two days messing with was producing perfect stitches. She really knows her stuff and even better as my machine is old and heavy she did this all on Skype. I’m so pleased with the service and had a nice chat at the same time. She’s my go-to woman for sewing from now on!” (Diane)

“Jennie’s sewing machine maintenance class was great – it’s given me the confidence to open up my machines , give them a good clean and a tweak , put them back together and now they run sooooo quietly ! She is a sewing machine wizard !” (Simon)