working collectively

More and more I have been thinking about the way we self employed crafters work, especially locally. When I see someone starting to teach something even vaguley similar my first impulse is always to feel threatened. Of course! This is my livelihood! But this never lasts. It makes me realise I always need to be […]

Summer meanderings

It’s been a great summer. One of many changes, all good. One of adventures. Both of the mental and the actual kind. Max is now 10 and I took him interrailing this holiday. We had wild plans of France and Italy, lake Como and Venice and the Riviera. But he’d underestimated how much he didn’t […]

MeMadeMay #MMMay18

Every May lots of people take part in Me Made May. What this exactly means is different for each person that signs up. Some people undertake to make something new every day, some people undertake to wear something handmade every day, some people undertake to seriously scrutinise their handmade wardrobe to find what they maybe […]

applique and free motion workshop

On Saturday 15th July the whole day is dedicated to appliqué and free motion embroidery in my sunny garden studio. This is such a fun and freeing workshop, the techniques take no time at all to learn and then you will spend hours creating pictures with thread and scraps of fabric. Applique and free motion […]

why my sewing classes are different

The longer I teach the more I find out just exactly how different my classes are from many other classes. I don’t want this post to sound like me massively blowing my own trumpet as to me it’s more about eradicating bad teaching rather than promoting myself. But hey if that means another few students […]

Joseph Frank

I went to the Fashion and Textiles museum last week, for a class in dyeing techniques. Before I went in I got to see the Joseph Frank exhibition which is amazing. Super colourful, positive, hopeful. A nice counter to the crazy negativity in the world right now!  Here’s some pictures: I always love going to […]

What I’m planning for 2017…

I have had an extremely productive year this year although I produced much more finished knittingprojects  than sewn ones (it’s a huge addiction now, I think about knitting ALL THE TIME!). Next year no doubt I will knit about a million shawls and socks but I also want to make other planned things. Some of […]